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The SCY instructors are mostly University of Delaware undergraduate students majoring in education, exercise sciences, psychology, or disability studies.  Many of the students are pursuing a career in fields such as Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Adapted Physical Education, Physical Education, and Elementary Education.  Instructors will be supervised and trained by the program director and her assistants.

 Volunteers' testimonials:

"I have experienced the incredible feeling you get when you see your child succeed in something you taught him/her".

"I learned a lot about adapting different games and sports to students at a variety of levels. There were some students who could easily complete any task, and there were others who needed more help. I've learned that even though each student is different, they can still participate with their peers and can play a different version of the game".

 "How to create a lesson plan and the overall experience of working with an individual with a disability".

"The wide range of Asperger's there actually is. Understanding that if a child is labled with Asperger's that he or she may or may not always fit the projected image and characteristics from textbooks".

"How to interact with students who have disabilities. I also realized that they are not much different from me once they open up and allow themselves to socialize with you".

"The most valuable thing I learned from volunteering in SCAS is how being prepared really helps the program run smoothly. In the beginning I didn't have a lesson plan for my student and he would often get too distracted. However, now that I do have a lesson plan, my student follows a schedule throughout the night and seems more motivated to complete the activities".

"I learned that working with kids with Asperger's Syndrome is not that different than working with any other kid. Every kid likes to have a good time, learn new things, and make new friends".